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Projects must be durable, safe, self-contained, complete, stable unit with no part of it attached to the floor, wall or table and not exceed the maximum size. The base of the project may not exceed 75 cm deep by 120 cm wide and 1.5 m high. Oversized projects will only be accepted in the Technological Development category. Moveable parts must be firmly attached. Projects must also be designed to be safe from any interference from members of the public. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that all valuable parts are securely attached or able to be removed by the Exhibitor for safekeeping when the project is left unattended. 


Any project requiring mains electricity must have a suitable cord 5 metres long with a durable 3 pin plug correctly attached. All parts involving mains electricity must comply with the relevant electrical regulations. The wiring should be carried out by a registered electrician. Exhibitors using mains electricity for high voltage equipment must use an RCD or a suitable isolating transformer to supply electricity to their project to give a greater margin of safety. 


Voltages over 50 volts must have all conductors (wires and switches) completely and securely enclosed by non-conducting materials to prevent any possibility of an observer receiving an electrical shock. Such projects must be safe at all times, which means they must be able to be disconnected or locked when unattended. Nails, tacks, etc. must not be used to secure wires because of the possibility of shorting and fire. Correct procedures for securing wires must be observed. 


Heating elements must be mounted on a suitable non-combustible support so that there is no possibility of fire. Lamps must be well ventilated to avoid heat build-up and only non-combustible materials used near the lamp. No gas supply is available. An Exhibitor wishing to use gas must seek written permission from the Fair Committee to use any supply of gas. Gas is to be supplied by the exhibitor if approval is given. Please supply full details of the proposed supply: type of gas, size and age of cylinder, use of the gas.


Any radio transmitter in working order must comply with the relevant radio transmitting regulations and be licensed. Microwave and high frequency radiation must be safe and have a warning sign. Any damaging radiation (e.g. UV light) must be shielded so viewers could not be harmed. Radioactive materials are permitted only when written permission has been gained from the Fair Committee and they must comply with the relevant regulations. 


Explosives, including explosive gases, must not be exhibited. Dangerous chemicals (including strong alkalis and acids) are not to be used in any project (if in doubt contact the Fair Committee). All projects using liquids of any kind must stand in a leak proof tray. Exhibitors must have sponges, cloths etc. to wipe up and remove any spills. No direct water supply is available. 


Should your project require water you will need to design it so it has its own reservoir. No large pools. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that the area immediately surrounding their project is kept clean, dry and tidy at all times.


Projects must comply with the legal requirements found here.
No live animals, plants or microorganisms should be present in projects at the Fair.
Please use photographs of your results.


If the judges consider that an adequate standard has not been reached, the Science and Technology Fair Committee reserves the right to withhold any prizes and will not display the project. The Committee also reserves the right to group Entry forms where numbers are insufficient in particular classes.

The Judges and Committee reserve the right to withdraw prizes and promote others in the class if rules are discovered to have been broken. Exhibitors which exceed the maximum group number (i.e. two) will be accepted for DISPLAY ONLY. No judging will be done and no prizes will be awarded for such projects. The Committee’s decision in all matters is final. THE COMMITTEE SHALL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGES TO PROJECTS, ALTHOUGH ALL CARE WILL BE TAKEN. The Fair will be open to the public during which time exhibitors need not be present.