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Scientific Journalism 

Preparing Your Entry
  • Write an article that discusses the topic: “How would you improve sustainability in your learning environment?”
  • Article needs to be 500-3000 words
  • Your name, year, level and school must be written on the top of the first page of work (please number all pages)
Submitting Your Entry by July 7th (Digital Entry)
  • Only one entry per person
  • Entries must be submitted in PDF format
  • The filename must be in the following format: section code – school year – school code. For example, if you are in year 10, and you go to Spotswood College, your filename would be: SJ-10-SPC. Your name will be added automatically

 Provided is an example of a 2021 winning entry – “Should it be compulsory for all New Zealanders to be vaccinated against COVID-19?” by Dylan Evaristo (Yr 13)