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Scientific Journalism 

Preparing Your Entry
  • Write an article that discusses the 2024 topic: Offshore wind farms are the future for energy generation in Taranaki
  • The entrant’s essay might: Explain how energy is produced by a wind farm. Expose the impacts on the region. Offer your conclusion(s): Do you agree? Disagree?
  • The essay MUST be evidence-based
  • Article needs to be: 500 to 800 words for Year 7 and 8, 800 to 1500 words for Year 9 and 10, 1500 to 3000 words for Year 11, 12 and 13. Your essay  MUST show the word counts.
  • Your name, year, level and school must be written on the top of the first page of work (please number all pages)
Submitting Your Entry by June 28th (Digital Entry)
  • Only one entry per person
  • Entries must be submitted in .pdf format
  • The filename must be in the following format: section code – school year – xxxx . For example, if you are in year 10, and you enter the scientific journalism, your filename would be: SJ-10-xxx. Your school and name will be added automatically to the name of the file.
If you would like your entry displayed at the fair, please post your hard copy to Taranaki Science Fair, Unit 5, 6 Belt Road, Moturoa, New Plymouth, 4310. Alternatively, another option is to physically drop off entries at this address. Please ensure your entry is correctly labelled using the filename you used when you submitted your digital entry.

 Provided is an example of a 2021 winning entry – “Should it be compulsory for all New Zealanders to be vaccinated against COVID-19?”

 by Dylan Evaristo (Yr 13)