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Preparing Your Entry

Build your own robot to win the fight! (We offer workshops to help you. See below)

This year there will be only one challenge: the Sumobot battles.

First part of the competition will be two teams of two sumobots against each other. You will be randomly selected and we will assign you your team member. Each team will have a box. The first team that gets its box out of the sumo ring looses. You will have to form a strategy whether you attack or defend. You will have 5 to 6 turns/rounds each. Each round is scored and the top 8 players will go to the final.

The second part will be the final between the top 8 players. The final is a knock out competition.

Battlebot Challenge Rules

  • Sumobots must be fully built and tested before the competition
  • Sumobots may be remote controlled (RC) or autonomous (self-contained, no remote controls)
  • Sumobots shall not leave any part of its body behind while in the ring
  • Sumobots shall not jump over, fly over, climb, scratch, cut, burn, mark, damage, or destroy other robots
  • Sumobots shall not be larger, either in length or in width than 30 centimetres and mass (with batteries) 2000 grams
  • Sumobots have no height restriction
  • Sumobots will battle on a large sumo ring
 4 workshops to build, test and optimize your sumobots

We offer 4 workshops during Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 to support you building your robots.

  • All workshops take place in the Science room (Mr Swanson’s room) at Highlands Intermediate School, 260A Coronation Avenue, Welbourn, New Plymouth, on Thursdays at 4.00-5.00/5.30pm
  • Workshop 1: Thursday 11th of April 
  • Workshop 2: Thursday the 9th of May
  • Workshop 3: Thursday the 13th of June
  • Workshop 4: Thursday 25th of July
  • You can come to any of the workshop. You don’t have to attend the four of them. You don’t have to pre-register or advise us of your attendance. Just turn up on the day with your robot (if you have already built one).
  • You’re running late on the day…… No panic! Just come along. Our doors stay wide open!